Thursday, June 14, 2018

What is Chicken Fever.....? And I Bet Your Chickens Gave it to You

What is Chicken Fever.....?  
And I Bet Your Chickens Gave it to You

Actually do not worry. Chicken Fever is NOT a disease. That is unless its a disease to want more and more chickens to add to your coop. 

Over the years at Blue Star Ranch I can see the "Chicken Fever" look in peoples eyes when they come to see chickens for their first flock. Most of the time, customers are glassy eyed and say...... "my coop holds 3 chickens but I really want 5!" 

And then the "disease" begins. Some people call it chicken math... when one chicken leads to another and another and then even more. 

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Be sure to build your coop TWICE or THREE TIMES bigger than you want for the 3 chickens that will soon become twelve fluffy friends before you can say "poached egg" 

I have see wives that ACTUALLY buy chickens BEFORE the coop is finished in order to hurry up the husbands even faster. (now I'm not saying that there wasn't encouragement here LOL) 

Further, I want it to go on record that it should be a CRIME to sell chickens in public where children can see baby chicks and just won't let parents leave without a few, (or 6 or 8 !) 

So be prepared when you start your chicken flock for a big case of "chicken fever!"