Sunday, June 17, 2018

Top Dangers For Baby Chicks | Please Read this Page For Healthy Chicks

Do you want healthy baby chicks? 
Then please READ this!

Too many people that buy baby chicks also pick up a bag of TOXIC wood shavings (really it is!) The wood shavings have toxic poisons in the wood. Chicks that eat small pieces of wood can DIE. Some chick owners can use magazines or news paper. (ink and chemicals are not good for chicks either......Or other pet shavings are recycled and bleached rags or paper particles.

(some people get lucky and do not lose chicks but most will have sick chicks and never know why.....)
I know why!

Blue Star Ranch Austin Texas

This is how we raise chicks at Blue Star Ranch in Austin Texas. Baby chicks need: sunlight, dirt, or garden soil, green clover or grass and some type of organic matter (decayed garden compost or manure) in order to establish a natural immunity to bad bacteria. A chickens gut system NEEDS balanced good bacteria!

To all new chicken owners: Baby chicks also need SUNLIGHT!You can keep chicks on a dark shelf in the barn or in your bathroom... but chicks that are 'eggsposed" to a bit of early morning or late afternoon sunlight with proper bedding and grass, dirt soil will be much healthier than the chicks grown in storage tubs on a dark shelf in your laundry room with toxic wood shavings and using a light bulb!
Lets think about the health and happiness of our tiny friends.

I won't use "fowl" language here.... 

Surprise! Chickens are BIRDS. So use a bird cage for your brooder instead of a plastic tub. Plastic tubs do not provide enough airflow.  Save money and your new baby chicks health by providing them with a BETTER brooding start than a plastic bucket or wood box. Keep the chicks in here for about 3 - 5 weeks for the perfect start!

No more toxic wood chips or poisonous pet bedding 

A medium to large sized finch or parakeet cage (with small enough wire at the bottom) is PERFECT FOR RAISING ABOUT 4 TO 8 CHICKS - (more than this amount of chicks you will need a different brooder system.)

And its "cheep cheep" too.. There are lots of styles of pre made bird cages from about $10 / $20 up (get some for almost free at the SPCA or animal shelter!)

You can put your brooder light or small fan/heater nearby the cage or clamp to side of cage. This way you can see your chicks even better AND the chicks will have better ventilation. (chicks need proper HEAT 95 degrees and AIR FLOW!)

Top Dangers For Baby Chicks:

1) Too much handling
Chicks are too tiny to be played with!

2) Too hot/cold/ poor ventilation
Chicks need fresh air circulation and proper temperature (90-95 degrees)

3) Your pet dogs/cats 
Your pets may hurt your chickens

4) Not using proper bedding
Pet shavings and pre-bagged material not healthy! - Use natural garden compost.

​5) Wrong kind food
Bantams and small chicks need almost powdered or finely crushed feed commercial feeds are too big for them to eat! 

6) String! or small objects like plastic toys - Keep away from chicks.

7) Smothering in corners of bedding area to find comfortable area to sleep and trampling and smothering on top of each other. 
8) Bad bacteria from wet or soiled bedding.