Sunday, June 10, 2018

Be Prepared For Intense Weather - Chickens Can Become Dehydrated

Chickens need cool water in the Summer and a cool pan of water to stand in to cool off their feet! 

(Note make sure the water  about 2 inches is in the shade to remain cool and you change  water daily.)

I have learned over the years that sudden weather changes causes bacteria in the soil to go from dormant to active and this is what can get chickens to become ill.

Chicken Lives Matter - Real changes are overdue for the poultry industry

Chicken Lives Matter: Vigil to be held outside Perdue Farms in Milford  

Lets consider that if chickens have a life of hardship only to be raised for slaughter, then lets make some changes to give these creatures some comfort in their short live of 8 to maybe 11 weeks at the most before they are rapidly slaughtered for the money making poultry industry.